Let good health not be a pill you take, let it be a choice you make!

The best part to being happy, energized and healthy in the future is living happily, energetically and healthily in the present.

Read on to find the 11 ordinary lifestyle tips for a healthy and happy life. These simple and do-able lifestyle changes if adopted today will ensure a healthy future.

1. Exercise for at least 45 minutes thrice a week – any form of exercise you like.


2. Make sure that you consume at least 3 helpings of salads and fruits in a day.


3. Get addicted to water! It has some amazing health benefits.

water glasses

4. Eating small meals every 2-3 hours keeps your energy levels up throughout the day and even assists weight-loss.

weight loss meals

5. Excessive salt is harmful for the body. Avoid salty processed snacks.


6. Incorporating yoga as a life style can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences in your journey to health.


7. It is okay to let your hair down once in a while and indulge in a couple of glasses of wine sometimes, but alcohol is best when consumed occasionally.


8. Smoking is our body’s worst enemy. Stay away from nicotine.


9. A hobby is important. It takes your attention away from the ‘mundane’ and gives added meaning to your life.


10. We all are running a race and are in a hurry to achieve our goals. But every once in a while you must take time off for FUN.


11. Benefits of meditation are manifold. A calm mind, clarity of perception, an unshakeable inner strength, relaxation and rejuvenation are some of the effects of meditation.


Remember, how you choose to live your life has far more impact on your health than any vitamin or pill.


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