Homeopathic Treatment for Acne – The Smart Way to Recovery!

Acne vulgaris TreatmentOnly a lucky few can escape the annoyance that is Acne. Being among the commonest disorders, especially among teenagers, it is estimated that more than 40 million people around the world suffer from Acne every year. Besides marring the skin, it can also be reason for acute social embarrassment.

What Can Cause Acne Vulgaris?

Researchers have found that the main Causes of Acne include increased secretion of male hormones, use of medications containing corticosteroids or androgens and finally, wrong diet. Junk food like chips, bagels, fried and fat-rich foods trigger the formation of acne. Recent studies have also pointed out that stress can also be one of the chief reasons for Acne.

Quick Steps Needed to Control Acne

Acne is bad. Not just for the reason that it looks bad but also the fact that in many cases,  can progress into scars if not treated, remaining as a painful reminder of teenage. Unfortunately only a few systems of medicine have sure shot Treatments for acne vulgaris. It is better to treat it at the early stages so that it is relieved permanently without relapses.

 Homeopathy lends a Helping Hand

Homeopathic treatment for Acne is a wise decision. Homeopathy targets the underlying factors that cause Acne like for example, hormone imbalance if that is the reason. Homeopathic treatment for Acne reduces and controls the secretion of sebaceous (oily) glands in the skin and makes skin smoother and healthier, and considerably lessens the risk of developing ugly scars.

Common Homeopathic Treatment for Acne

With more than 100 remedies in Homeopathy for treating Acne, here are some medicines that are prescribed by homeopathic doctors. However, it is well to remember not to self-medicate or self-prescribe.

  • Dulcamara:- Dulcamara is an excellent remedy in Homeopathic treatment for Acne coming on during changes in climate, and is an effective preventive of scars.
  • Natrum Muriaticum:- Natrum Muriaticum originates from common salt and is a valuable medicine in homeopathic treatment for Acne for persons who suffer from menstrual disturbances.
  • Silica:- This is considered a wondrous drug in homeopathic treatment for acne. It acts on the immune and hormonal systems to visibly reduce pus-filled acne.
  • Calcarea Sulphuricum:-Calc Sulph shows its efficacy in homeopathic treatment for Acne of the red, inflamed, painful and blood-filled type.

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  1. Ever since my acne were cured with homoeopathy, I now recommend it to each and everyone I come across! There is nothing else except homoepathy, that can give quick, gentle and effective cure for acne!

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