Health Tips for this Wedding Season

It’s December and the wedding season has begun. If you have a whole bunch of weddings lined up you should read this.


Weddings are synonymous with ‘Band, Baja, baraat’ or ‘Fun, frolic and good food’. Yes, weddings are an amazing time to make memories especially if the wedding is in your family or of a close friend. However, weddings also mean late nights, over indulgence in food and alcohol and not to forget those amazing wedding cakes and different varieties of unlimited desserts. As nice as it may be, all this turns out to be a major stress for your body and its metabolism.

While you attend a wedding in the night, you rush for work the next day morning. You do not get enough sleep and of course you avoid eating next day thinking that skipping meals will compensate for all the over indulgences of the previous night.  Result? You end up tired, feeling weak and groggy, going through an entire day at work becomes quite a task and to your dismay, you have another wedding or a pre-wedding function to attend in the evening!

You need sleep but you have no time to sleep, you need rest but you have no time to do that either! You can use a concealer to hide your dark circles, but what do you do to cover the damage caused by all of this in your body?  As the wedding season reaches its peak, your plans to stay fit and healthy seem a distant dream; workouts and exercise become alien tasks.


If you are hopping weekday after weekday or weekend after weekend from one wedding to another, this is what you need to do to keep yourself healthy.

Increase the intake of water:

Too much stress causes water loss or dehydration. Thus regular water intake ensures proper hydration. So, skip the sweetened colas and caffeinated beverages and stick to a bottle of water this wedding season. Keep sipping water through the day and you will not feel your energy levels dipping at any point.

Find time to exercise:

Yes, this is not easy but minimum 20 minutes of exercise or brisk walk will save your day. You will feel fresh, energetic and of course, this will help in burning the extra calories. While at the wedding parties, make sure you are not sitting in one corner and gobbling starters.  Move around, socialize, meet people and if you do not find someone interesting enough to socialize simply hit the dance floor.

Watch what you eat and how you eat:

Say no to skipping meals and eat at regular intervals. Let those meals be small portions and make sure you have light meals and fruit juices. While scanning the buffet at the wedding chose to begin with salads and greens and then reward yourself with a piece or two of your favorite starter or dessert.

Control the booze:

No one is really going to stop you there; you have to do it yourself. Alcohol intake contributes to excessive calories, probably even more than eating a full meal.  Cocktails are no less, they just add on to the agony as they are mixed with juices/ sodas and everything, which is high in refined sugars.

Remove some ‘Me’ time:

You need to relax for some time, probably sleep or even spend some time on the couch reading your favorite book.  If you can, then opt for a de-stressing massage to help your body relax completely.

Everything when done in moderation is never bad. Too much of anything can lead you into trouble.  You can obviously not leave the wedding festivities behind, nor can you skip a wedding but you can obviously make sure that you get enough time to sleep, eat in moderation and find little time for exercise. Once this is done you can enjoy the wedding season without inhibitions – cheers!

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