Post partum Depression: Beating the Baby Blues

post partum depression

The most awaited moment has arrived and you are holding your precious little one in your hands and your eyes swell up with tears as marvel at this beautiful gift! Isn’t it normal to be feeling overwhelmed and ecstatic – all at the same time? Almost all of the new-mums…

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Raising Happy Children

happy children

‘Raising kids’ or ‘parenting’ is something which does not come with any guidelines nor are there any rules written down in any textbook. The rules of parenting differ from child to child and from parent to parent – based on each one’s capacity and needs. A lot of parents want…

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Signs That Signify a Kidney Disease


Our kidneys play a very important role in keeping our body healthy. Within our kidneys, there are approximately 2 million nephrons which filter 3-4 liters of blood every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, every day! They help maintain the right balance of electrolytes within our body and filter out…

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Keeping up with Erectile Dysfunction

treatment of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, commonly known as impotence is a man’s inability to get or keep an erection firm enough throughout the act of sexual intercourse.  As much as it hinders your sex life, it also brings a truckload of emotional and psychological disturbances in the form of embarrassment, depression and excessive…

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Easy and Quick Dinner Recipes for Busy Week Nights

vegetable noodle soup

After a long and tiring day even the thought of cooking dinner can be exhausting. However, dinner time is a very important time for a family. Research suggests that a family which eats dinner together at least 5 days a week have healthier eating habits, resolve their conflicts faster and…

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Kite Flying and its Hazards

flying kite

Kite flying is a popular sport in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and even USA. A lot of people will tell you that they have spent a large chunk of their childhood flying kites from roof tops and open grounds. Though not as popular as before, kite flying still…

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