Facts about Fibroids

fibroids facts

Fibroids are uterine overgrowths that develop in and around the uterus in a female.  They are nothing but the normal tissue that starts growing abnormally to form a benign or a non-cancerous tumor. Fibroids have become an extremely common condition that can be experienced by females after puberty and the…

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Pushing Sleep Apnea into Deep Slumber

sleep apnea deep slumber

Self Help Tips for Sleep Apnea Do you suffer from loud snoring during sleep or excessive tiredness, lethargy and drowsiness through the day in spite of a good night’s sleep? You could be suffering from Sleep Apnea Syndrome. Sleep Apnea happens to be a very common condition among millions of…

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Soothe that Nagging Cough with Natural Remedies

list of natural remedies for cough

Unceasing and relentless cough can be quite a bummer. Imagine the embarrassment if a bout of cough would strike you in the middle of a lecture, a seminar, a stage performance or when you are talking, singing or teaching. Persistent coughing can be quite bothersome for you and the others…

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Helping Your Knees Feel Their Best


As we age achy and creaky joints become the norm. Almost everyone over 65 – men and women alike – will have knee, shoulder or other joint pains at some point or another. However, women are more prone to develop joint and muscle pains after menopause, as hormonal changes post…

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