Homeopathy treatment
Homeopathy treatment
Homeopathy treatment
Homeopathy treatment

Benefits Of Being A Welcome Cure Network Doctor

  • Zero Investment Needed
    Start your e-Commerce enabled
    e-Clinic NOW!
    Save your money on opening & maintaining you Digital Clinic !
    Save Website making charges, Domain Registration charges, Website Maintainence & Upgradation charges, Payment Gateway charges along with cost of making creative content for your social marketing. We build, operate and maintain your Digital Clinic.
  • Become a global doctor
    Become a Global Doctor
    Become a Global Doctor
    While in the comfort of your home or when on the move; see patients from any part of the world and continue to treat them using the Welcome Cure platform.
  • Quality medicines for all your patients
    Quality, Free & Unlimited Medicines with Doorstep Delivery
    Quality medicines for all your patients
    Empower all your patients with free, unlimited and high quality medicines delivered at their doorstep.
    Nor you or your patient have to pay a penny. We are your trusted & global e-Pharmacy.
  • Trust value
    Build Trust
    Trust value
    Join the world's largest network & No.1 Global Homeopathy Platform; which has the credibility of having more than 3 million users and over half a million active patients. Utilize the high trust value to get more patients due to the global brand recognition & presence.
  • Be Future-Ready. Be Digital
    Be Future-Ready.
    Be Digital!
    Be Future-Ready.
    Be Digital!
    Have all your patient records,
    which include patient history,
    patient reports,
    patient prescriptions and all other patient-related communication data on a single window, cloud platform.
  • Artificial Intelligence for Better Patient Care
    Artificial Intelligence for Better Patient Care
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Better Patient Care
    Get FREE HOMPATH software to derive the correct remedy at a faster pace, to ensure positive patient outcomes.
  • Guaranteed Results via Community Support
    Positive Results
    via Community Support
    Positive Results via
    Community Support
    Get every patient's prescription vetted by a team of senior doctors at Welcome Cure who ensure the patient gets the right care by deriving the right medicine. Don't worry! The patient always sees you as their Primary Care Doctor. Our team of doctors work discreetly & remotely to empower you with a better prescription when needed. Our doctors can also fill in for you whenever you are unavailable for follow-ups etc. as an assisting doctor.
  • become-a-social-superstar
    Become A Social Superstar
    Become A Social Superstar
    We shall regularly and on-demand keep creating branded content to promote you as a doctor and your e-Clinic which can be shared on social platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. You surely will shine bright with all your social promotions which will also be carrying Bollywood Power Couple, Genelia & Riteish Dekhmukh's endorsement for you along with your photograph to promote your services.
  • Earn-Money-with-Zero-Liabilities
    Earn Money
    with zero Investment
    Earn Money
    with zeroInvestment & Liablity
    Eliminate the investments costs of a physical clinic set-up, buying & stocking and dispensing medicine, logistics ( medicine courier) expenses, staff salaries and social media promotional costs. We provide you a free infrastructure for your digital clinic and ofcourse add invaluable trust and goodwill for your services to your patients.